Dalit Women Right Forum (DWRF) NEPAL

Dhangadhi, Estd 2064

About us

Dalit Women Right Forum (DWRF) has formulated its new five year’s Strategic Planning for duration of 2013 to 2017 by envisioning ” A Non-discriminatory Prosperous Society”. The primary target groups of the organization are taken as Women from discriminated groups and Dalit communities in general but the organization has adopted strategies to reach out and effectively mobilize men and non-Dalit communities too to achieve its 3 strategic objectives of ending gender and caste based violence, inclusive local governance and economic empowerment. It firmly believes that without strategic engagement of men and non-dalit people it is impossible to achieve women and dalits holistic empowerment.
An in-depth SWOT analysis has given insights on strengths and weaknesses of organization. Proper strategies have been explicitly adopted to minimize the weaknesses. The SWOT analysis shows high level of relevance of efforts made by the organization at present, and some improvement are necessary for future.
Government bodies, funding partners, civil society organizations and their networks are taken as the supporter in this endeavor of achieving its strategic objectives. Participation of right holders and bottom up planning is considered as the basic principle of the organization.
Three major thematic areas are taken as the strategic intervention which will contribute for justice and economic empowerment of target population. Those areas include a) Ending Gender and Caste Based Violence, b) Promoting Inclusive Local Governance and c) Enhancing Economic Empowerment.
This strategic planning has targeted 25 VDCs of Kailali and 3 VDCs of Kanchanpur districts in first phase but it has also decided to go to other districts if the community demands for expansion and resource availability.
Collaborative approach among the strategic alliance and partners is taken as one of the fundamental component of organizational working approaches. DWRF has recognized the role of all the stakeholders and expects supportive role to establish non-discriminatory and prosperous Nepalese society.

» DWRF works to ensure dignified life of women and Dalits by ending gender and caste based violence; achieving economic empowerment and meaningful participation in decision making process of local governance.

» Non-discriminatory Prosperous Society

» Contribute to reduce gender based violence and caste based discriminations, promote economic empowerment and political inclusion of marginalized women and Dalits



Gauriganga municipality
» Masuriya vdc
» Chaumala vdc
» Pahalmanpur vdc
Godawari municipality
» Malakheti vdc
» Geta vdc
» Godawari vdc
Kailari villagepality
» Hasuliya vdc
» Udasipur vdc
» Basauti vdc