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Dalam negri Nuptial Practices

  August 1, 2022

Weddings are a very important celebration in Indonesian culture. They will mark a new life for both the bride and groom. There are numerous nuptial practices that must be followed to ensure a productive wedding.

indonesian guy dating tips Just before the ceremony, the family indonesia women for marriage of the star of the event and the category of the groom will come collectively to ask the bride’s and groom’s consent for the purpose of marriage. They will also exchange presents to symbolise their unification. These gift ideas are generally cash. The bride and groom will then choose whether or not they accept the gifts.


During the marriage, there are various Indonesian nuptial traditions that the few must comply with. Some of these include the use of keris. Keris is a symbolic representation that is said to convey the message towards the son-in-law that he should be happy and not always be disheartened.

One of the most important aspects of a great Indonesian wedding ceremony is the clothes of the star of the event. Typically, wedding brides wear white-colored. She may also fast for approximately two months before the wedding.

After the wedding, http://archive.pov.org/xoxosms/infographic-technology-dating/ the recently weds go to the respective families. The relatives and close friends will offer the couple with traditional goods. This is considered an indicator of their value for the newly the wife and hubby.

As for wedding gift items, Indonesians opt to receive cash over boxed gifts. Indonesians believe that obtaining money means prosperity.

An alternative traditional Indonesian nuptial custom is the bachelorette party. During the past, huge floral displays were placed away from reception lounge in Jakarta.